The Evaporation of Avant-Garde Art

antonio garcía villarán

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The Evaporation of Avant-Garde Art
The Evaporation of Avant-Garde Art

Francisco Goya’s dog and René Margritte’s floating men.
This work is a bridge between the surrealism of Magritte's works and one of the most emblematic works of Goya's “The Black Paintings” series in which the head of a dog is seen looking up in an arid landscape. Fantasy makes us generate images that have never existed. However, surrealism has always existed in the minds of artists. Goya's dog itself is a surreal image that joins the men who levitate to generate a new work where they coexist in a dreamlike world.

Hacer oferta

Técnica: Digital / Óleo

Soporte: Archivo digital / Lienzo

Medidas: 4907 × 7022 pixels / 29,7 x 42 cm (A3)

Fecha de realización: 2022 / 2022

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